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There's always been a number of three all the time. There's three comings of Christ. He came once to redeem His Bride. He comes the next in the rapture to catch away His Bride. He comes again in the millennium with His Bride.

FOURTH.SEAL.THE.title  JEFF.IN  63-0321
The second coming is the rapture. We meet Him in the skies, immortal.

BREACH.THE.title  JEFF.IN  63-0317E
And when the Seals are broke and the mystery is revealed, down comes the Angel, the Messenger, Christ, setting His foot upon the land and upon the sea with a rainbow over His head. Now remember, this seventh angel is on earth at the time of this coming.

It's all the same: Supreme Authority, with the white wig on. You see His black beard under it. Many of you have seen the picture. We got it back there. Just turn it to the right, sideways; look at it. There He is, just as perfect as it was--if it would been photographed of Him. They're looking at it from the wrong angle. You got to look at it in the right angle. And only the Lord God can reveal which is the right angle. Turn it to your right and look at it. There He is just as perfect, and it'd been photographed up there.

RAPTURE.THE.title  YUMA.AZ  V-5 N-14  65-1204
But to the church, the Bride, the rapture is a revelation to her. It's revealed to her, that the revelation, the true Bride of Christ will be waiting for that revelation of the rapture.
Now, it is a revelation, for the revelation is faith. You cannot have a revelation without it being faith.